Outside taking care of our animals and maintaining the grounds.  As the day went on I finished cutting our grass and was getting ready to feed the animals.  I was walking to the back to bring feed to our mini horses and realized one of them were missing.  I was so upset and couldn’t find her.  I found where she had gotten out and fixed it temporarily.  I posted a picture of her on Facebook and a few friends came out and help us look for her.  That was one of the scariest times of my life.  My animals are like my own children.  They mean a lot to me and losing one isn’t the best feeling.   After many text messages and about 4 hours of searching for her a friend contacted me on Facebook and said someone else posted a lost mini horse around the area.  As I understand Juliet had traveled a good distance from home.  I also heard she gave the Iberia Parish Police a run for their money that day.  She wasn’t fully friendly but she would come to me if I had a bucket of feed in my hand.  We finally got a call saying one of my friends that was helping had found her.  Someone had finally caught her and they had put her in a stall at our local arena.  It was an awesome feeling when I saw her safe and a very kind gentleman brought her home for me because I couldn’t get to our livestock trailer to go pick her up.  That was a very long evening for my family. Thanks all my friends and family for their help, its times like these when you figure out who really cares.