Wow, what a day on the farm. The rain is relentless, my pig’s pens are flooded and the goats are running for cover. A lady showed up at our house for a tour one afternoon.   Wasn’t really ready but couldn’t resist the smile on the children’s faces. So guess what, we put our boots on and started walking around and showing her and her 3 children all of our animals. Then it started raining, but that didn’t seem to bother them so we keep walking around and feeding the animals.   Petting and holding the rabbits, holding the baby chicks and ducks ever so delicate, we continued and so did the rain. Finally a break, the sunshine came out so we went in the front pasture so the children could feed the sheep and goats out of the hands, should have seen the smiles on their faces.  Then we took them to get a closer look at the cows, not sure if the bigger animals startled them a little or if they just like the goats better but back to the goat pen they ran.  I believe we made the best of it even though the rain started coming down again.  The children loved it and asked if they could come back to see the animals again and play on the playground. Yes, of course you can. Maybe we can plant a plant next time or ride a pony. I think mom was ready to go but the kids did not want to leave, what a joy.